May 02 2014

To everyone who sends me ask about ships that I haven’t answered, thank you for…well thinking of me about it? I am really glad about them but you guys must have realized that I don’t answer them anymore.

I have stopped answering ship questions because:
- Well last time I did a bunch of them and it clogged everyone’s dash I’m sorry about that, but it was fun!
- I personally don’t have that much OTPs BUT
- You don’t need me to validate you ships!!! All ships are good and equal even though theirĀ prevalence in fandom might vary!! So yeah there are ships that have more support than others, but it doesn’t make your ship any less valid!! I know some of you are sad that your OTP doesn’t get much attention and I totally understand, and my best advice is that you should make the change you want to see in fandom! Get creative, make art, write fics, write headcanons, do ship manifesto, get on a history hunt to find material for your ship, make mixtapes, make gifset — the more you are enthusiastic about it, the more likely you will find people to bring on your ship! Hetalia is a fandom that is full of curiosity, especially history-wise (you wouldn’t know the stuff I’ve learned through it) so bring it on! Do you know a random and funny anecdote in the history between two countries that you ship? Then make something out of it! The more fun you have, the more you will intrigue others and interest them in your ship!!!


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